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Grape King 2004

Wine List

Crown Bench has overnight delivery of wines anywhere in Ontario at very reasonable rates. If you cannot come and visit us, you can still enjoy your favourite wines. Order our wines by telephone or fax using this convenient form. US Customers: Order our wines at The Cuvee

2003 Vintners Reserve Cabernet Savignon

2003 Vintners Reserve Cabernet Savignon : It is a little wonder that Cabernet Sauvignon is the king of the reds, its complexity is unrivaled. Our 2003 Cab Sauv demonstrates the heights this grape can reach when nurtured in a cool climate viticulture area. Full bodied,well structured, the nose is reminiscent of smoky cassis,oak and black pepper with a hint of vanilla, black cherry, toast and a hint of complex spices. $24.95/750/mL

2003 Vintners Reserve Cabernet Franc

2003 Vintners Reserve Cabernet Franc : From a heavily reduced crop, our 2003 Cabernet Franc has been well aged in oak. While our heaviest red, the barrel aging has imparted toast & vanilla to the cigar box and sandalwood typical of this wine. On the nose, blackberry & currant with a prolonged finish. Recommended with a steak or chocolate. $ 29.95/750mL

2004 Vintners Reserve Meritage

2004 Vintners Reserve Meritage : This wine is Crown Bench's flagship red. A true Bordeaux assembled from the very best, Cab Franc (40%), Cab Sauv (20%), and Merlot (20%). Reduced crop, prolonged macaration and barrel aged for seven years. On the nose, an exotic bouquet of warm perfumes, on the palate, dark plum, black currant and cherry with a hint of cedar. Imminently approachable. $29.95/750mL

2005 Vintners Reserve Pinot Noir

2005 Vintners Reserve Pinot Noir : Pinot Noir a Burgundian red produces a sensual wine that is immediately recognizable. Known as the heartbreak grape, this bottle answers the question, "how do you mend a broken heart ?" On the palate, cinnamon, violet and fruit. A true expression of the terroir along the escarpment where we grow our grapes. $29.95

White Wines

2005 Vintners Reserve Chardonnay

2005 Vintners Reserve Chardonnay : This barrel fermented and barrel aged Chardonnay shows great structure. Heavy with notes of lemon, butterscotch, toast and vanilla. A reduced crop helps to highlight the underlying limestone characteristic of the escarpment where our grapes are grown. $29.95/750mL

Flavoured Wines


This unique and exceptional wine is our newest release. Harvested in January 2001 at -10 degrees C, this Vidal was fermented and then aged in oak barrel for ten years. The dynamic balance of sugar and acid makes this one of the most well-structured wines that our winemaker has ever tasted. The viscosity carries the fruit and acid to a clean, long finish. 200ml/$49.95

Ambrosia (Chocolate Ice)

Intensely sweet Vidal juice harvested at minus 10 degrees C, vinted slowly to preserve flavour and aromas, then infused with chocolate creates an unparalled sinful dessert. A Crown Bench innovation available only at our winery. Grand Gold Medal, Selection Mondial des Vins, International Gold Medal (Reviewed and recommended by Toronto Life Magazine), International Silver Medal (American Wine Society) $39.95/375ml

Hot Ice

Hot Ice!A unique aperitif combining wine made from sweet, cold-harvested Vidal grapes, with an infusion of five kinds of hot peppers. This wine is sure to stimulate the appetite and cleanse the palate. Aromas of roasted jalapeno over a background of apricot and stone fruit. A Crown Bench innovation. (Reviewed and recommended by Toronto Life Magazine; International Gold Medal, American Wine Society Silver) $36.95/375 ml


Our three fruit flavoured wines produced from cold-harvested and powerfully sweet Vidal juice, combined with fresh local fruit. These wines are not only delicious by themselves but are extremely versatile. Use them to make fruity martinis and margaritas or pour over crushed ice and add soda water.  They can be used over ice cream, cheese cake or fruit. Pour a little into a glass of champagne for beautiful colour and great taste.

Blueberry Ice

An opulent combination of intensely flavoured sweet Vidal wine and blueberries. The taste of blueberries, along with the velvet smoothness of the concentrated, cold-harvested, slow-fermented Vidal, make for a sweet and refreshing dessert wine. International Gold Medal $29.95/.375ml

Raspberry Ice

The over the top raspberry flavour, combined with intensely flavoured sweet Vidal wine made from cold-concentrated juice, leaves no doubt on the taster's palate. Raspberries and sunshine in a bottle. International Gold Medal, All Canadian Gold Medal, All Canadian Fruit Dessert Wine of the Year. $29.95/375ml

Cranberry Ice

The tart refreshing qualities of cranberries over the sweet Vidal wine (concentrated and intensely flavoured from being harvested cold and pressed while nearly frozen solid) conveys the essence of cranberries into a delightful dessert wine. International Gold $29.95/375ml

Berry Trio

Enjoy your own little mini-bar. All three flavours, 250ml each in a stackable bottle. This way you can enjoy all three. Please check our cocktail recipes. $59.95/750ml

Wild Ginger Ice

This unique wine is made from Vidal grapes, cold-harvested below freezing temperatures and intensely sweet, fermented and aged in barrel. Add to this a wild ginger infusion, and you get an exquisite culinary combination that will tantalize your taste buds with spicy peppery high-notes, overlaying the well structured barrel extracts with black pepper overtones and floral bouquet. The Wild Ginger Ice may accompany a wide variety of foods, from appetizers to specialized entree or just on its own.
International Gold Medal $29.95/200 ml

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