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Gourmet Products

Verjus (pronounced ver-zhu)

Verjus trio

Verjus is the champagne of vinegars, it has been used for cooking for thousands of years. It has now been "rediscovered". Crown Bench was first to introduce Verjus in Canada.

Verjus has a bright, green, sweet-tangy flavour, it is a non-alcoholic and unfermented juice. It is not as acidic as vinegar or lemon juice and enhances the taste of food. It can be used for salad dressings, marinades, sorbet and as a backbone to rich sauces. It cleanses the palate and never interferes with the taste of your wine. Use it anywhere you would use vinegar or lemon juice.

Verjus has the same health benefits and anti-oxidants as wine without the alcohol. Verjus can turn a good cook into a great cook.

Vidal Verjus ($ 10.95/.750ml) Our Pinot Noir and Merlot Verjus is the higher end of Verjus. They capture the much sought after characteristics of these noble grapes. Pinot and Merlot Verjus will enhance your food without masking or overpowering the natural flavours.

Pinot or Merlot Verjus make a great summer beverage, use it with a splash of soda water and cool off with a healthy non alcoholic cocktail.

Merlot Verjus ($ 24.95/.375ml)

Icewine juice

Pinot Noir Verjus ($ 24.95/.375ml)

Cabernet Franc Iced Juice ($ 29.95/.375ml)

Our Cabernet Franc Iced Juice is a decadent winter concentration of pure grape juice harvested at -10 degrees Celsius. All the natural flavours and anti-oxidants are magnified. Recommended for the kitchen and the bar in a variety of sauces and glazes or for an out of this world mixed drinks.

Wine Jellies

All our wine jellies are made with our Premium wines and all natural ingredients. In addition to being a superb gourmet spread, our jellies can be used for cooking and baking, turning a regular dish into something spectacular.


Hot Chardonnay Wine Jelly ($9.95/190ml) This jelly is excellent as a spread or topping with cheese. It is also recommended for glazing meats, poultry or root vegetables.

Black Pepper Merlot Jelly ($9.95/190ml) This jelly is made from our finest Merlot and Malabar pepper. it can be used for basting beef or game. It will also spice up a roast or salami sandwich. Perfect accompaniment for pate and cheese.

Spiced Cranberry Merlot Wine Jelly ($9.95/190ml) This jelly is a taste of Christmas and Thanksgiving all year round. It is excellent as a spread or topping on baked goods or Ice cream.

Lavender Vidal Jelly ($9.95/190ml) A fragrant, flavourful jelly for baked goods and desserts. Try a spoonful in your shortbread or sugar cookie recipe or on baked Brie or ice cream.

Rose Petal Jelly ($9.95/.190ml) A fragrant, delicate jelly for infusing love into culinary treasures. Try it over ice cream or mixed with cream cheese.

Chocolate Iced Jelly ( $12.95/110ml) Our most decadent jelly made from our Chocolate Ice (Ambrosia). This jelly will sure to please all foodies. Try it over ice cream or fine baked goods. Put a small spoonful over your turkey or pork roast after it is roasted and the oven is shut off.

Wild Ginger Sauce


Blueberry Thrills Teaser ($12.95/250ml) This sauce will tease and tantalize your taste buds. It makes a great basting or dipping sauce for meats, poultry or fish. It is a delectable cake topping or fondue, try it over oatmeal or pancakes for a "grown-up" breakfast.

Radical Raspberry Chipotle Sauce ($12.95/250ml) Wake up the flavor of chicken, pork or meats. Try it on a round of baked Brie or Camembert for a spectacular appetizer.

Perky Peach Salad Dressing ($12.95/250ml) This fruity oil-free salad dressing is made with our Verjus and fresh Ontario peaches. It is a versatile dressing that will enliven any salad. You can supercharge a summer cocktail by the addition of Perky Peach.

Merlot & Modena Balsamic Glaze ($24.95/110ml) This glaze is a flavourful reduction (10-1) of our Merlot and Modena Balsamic vinegar. It is perfect on meat, poultry, cheese or fruit. Try it on vanilla ice cream or strawberries for an unforgettable dessert.


Red Hot Icicles ($ 9.95/250ml) These fragrant and flavourful hot peppers infused into intensely flavoured sweet wine will certainly wake up your taste buds.

Fireballs ($ 9.95/250ml) Pickled green (organic) cherry tomatoes with hot peppers really spice up your food and add a new twist to your martinis.

Fire and Ice Taponata ($13.95/190ml) This taponata is made with five types of hot peppers that have been marinated in intensely flavoured sweet wine. It will certainly wake up your taste buds! Spread on toasted flatbread and goat cheese for a quick and delicious appetizer. Spice up your hamburgers or chili.

Smoked Malabar Black Peppercorns Fine Malabar peppercorns smoked with grape and hickory woods for a rich fragrance. Use it over steak or other rich meats, soups or stews for an amazing flavour boost. Packaged with a sleek, modern grinder $14.95

Cabernet Franc Infused Sea Salt Crown Bench Estates Cabernet Franc was used to infuse this fine Portuguese Sea Salt to give it a bold flavour. Packaged with a sleek, modern grinder $ 14.95

Lavender Vidal
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