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Crown Bench
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3850 Aberdeen Rd.
Beamsville, ON Canada
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Crown Bench Estate Winery
is based on a simple idea,
that by combining the very best in terrain, viticultural practices, oneological stewardship and administration, the pillars of a quality winery will have been established. In order to make a great wine you have to have quality grapes. There are no substitutes. The talents of the best wine maker can make an inferior wine into a good wine but, not a great wine. And no amount of marketing hoopla can elevate it.

The microclimate for great wines is found almost exclusively in cool climactic zones. Only these areas can produce grapes with the right sugar and acid mix to create outstanding wines with an ability to mature with greatness.

Crown Bench entrywayThe Niagara Peninsula is such a zone and has in recent years witnessed a boom in the wine industry fueled by excellence that is world class. Within the Peninsula it is universally acknowledged the Beamsville bench (descending steps from the escarpment to the lake) is the superior terroir.

The Beamsville bench is limited. It runs from the Western border of Grimsby to Cherry Avenue, from the Number 8 Highway to the Escarpment.

Crown Bench Estates has on its southern border the Niagara Escarpment, a World Biosphere Reserve. The Bruce Trail runs on the crest of the Escarpment and is some one hundred meters behind the winery. The view from the vineyard of Lake Ontario and the Toronto Skyline is spectacular. The natural features of the property include streams, waterfalls, ponds (with nesting Canada Geese and ducks) and bordering forests filled with wildlife making Crown Bench a definite destination and not merely a winery.

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